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by: Beverly Haire


For a long, long time we had no place to gather,

we roamed aimlessly to old familiar places,

gathering in small numbers or going individually,

to wherever our names were called by friends and family.

But it was really hard on us to be summoned by loved ones

here and there and everywhere...

who then, did not seem to sense our presence

even after having called us to them, with anguish and tears.

We felt so isolated and lost.


Then you, our brothers and sisters, families, acquaintances,

and friends, built that long black shiny WALL,

putting each and every one of our names on it...

the news spread so quickly among us,

and we excitedly gathered there in anxious anticipation

of seeing for ourselves that we finally had a place

where we belonged! We were not disappointed!


Words cannot describe our exhilaration at being summoned now...

knowing that you feel our presence,

that our hands and hearts meet when you lovingly,

reach out and touch our names.

The burdens of pain sorrow and loneliness are instantly lifted,

as we are enveloped within your loving embrace.


In this sacred place, we feel a healing of our spirits...

a sense of having at last, 'come home'.

We did not know there were so many who cared and remembered us,

with ongoing pride and affection.

To that end, we have been truly blessed

with an enduring unbroken bond of love,

that transcends time and space.


Copyright Beverly Haire 1998