From: "Bruce K. Melson" <>

Gulf War Community:
The IG Offices of the DOD and VA have not been answering our problems
- vets now is the to bring forward the problems.WRITE

Finally some one who will listen.Congressman
Dan Burton wants to know where the
bones are buried. Contact anyone and everyone
who has documentation of the following:
(1)names of people prior or current service who
is threaten with UCMJ action or discharge for
refusing to take Anthrax Shot. Reason - at
today's Hearing MG Randall
West (USMC) was record saying to the Committee
that "he will fix this inappropriate
punishment" Congressman burton needs to know
who these people so that UCMJ action WILL BE
removed from servicemens records, accountability.
(2) seeking classified and non-classified
documents which tell adverse info on the
creation use or distribution of Anthrax vaccine.
(3) names of any individuals, the severity adverse
reaction to the Anthrax shot, which lasted more
than two days (not including local swelling,
pain, fever under 48 hours).
(4) any documentation of exposures to any
material in the gulf theater which could have
cause serious illness in gulf war vets.(Orders,
Unit Logs, manufacturing labels)
All info given to Burton Office will remain
"confidential". If you have knowledge of the
name of documents to demonstrate a problems/issues
or protocols which adversely impact the health
of servicemen.

contact person Ms. Clay -Burton's office
tel:202-225-5074 or fax:202-226-1274 or
2157 Rayburn House Office Bldg. Washington DC 20515