The Vietnam War was much different from other conventional wars. The Vietnam War was a war of guerrilla attacks and bombings. No one was ever completely safe in North and South Vietnam during the war which lasted from approximately 1959 to l975. However, war ambition stirred more than a decade before.

The war was a sequel to the struggle between the French and Vietminh, led by HoChi Minh (one of the most important communist leaders of North Vietnam). The main goal of the Vietminh was to overthrow the government of South Vietnam. The conflict grew into a war between the two halves of Vietnam and ultimately into a limited international conflict. The United States and about 40 other countries supported the non~communist South Vietnam by supplying troops, military advisors, and economic aid. The USSR and the People's Republic of China furnished North Vietnam with war supplies. The burden of the war, however, unfortunately fell on the civilians. The war involved the countries of Laos and Cambodia also.

The women in the war played a vital role. Akthough not many were found on the combat fields, many females were nurses as well as other various important players in the war.

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