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Branson Missouri

Branson Holiday Inn Express 

June 15th departing June 18


HQ  2006

Branson Holiday Inn Express 


Scroll Down for those planning to attend


Group Leader:   Don Aird   airdsie@charter.net


NOTE: Set your email system to receive responses to your emails.  WEB-TV among others bounces emails.


NEW 3-20 06

Bushrod Carey with the 1/40 got the last room in our block of rooms.  There are other rooms available at the Motel, they’ll cost you an extra $8.00 a night


We have 6 rooms left!!  If you haven’t made a reservation better GET IT ON!


The banquet is still up in the air – I don’t know where to go for this.  We might just book a restaurant for a meal.  Any input would be most welcome!!!!


I’ll put us down for the parade.  Malcolm was going to see about getting us transportation or we could arrange to ride a duck.


Speaking of Ducks if you want to take the duck ride we need to make an arrangement.  The ducks will pick us up at the motel.  Please e-mail me what you want to do.


There are going to be a lot more people at this reunion – it looks like a lot of fun.  Send me your ideas or just show up, either way I’m getting pumped !!


FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2006


click for info

Just a quick message.  The reservation system seems to be working – remember to use the code “I Corps”.. 

        Do we want to get in the parade?  If so I need to let the people know that are organizing the parade.

         Do we want to do the “duck ride” again – it’s a lot of fun and I’ll make sure we get the surly Marine driver on our duck.

          Do we want a banquet?  If so where should we have the banquet?  Anyone have a speaker in mind or should we keep it informal 

            like last year.


There are a number of things planned for “Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home” 

please go to the web site and see what is available and what things we can do together. 

Malcolm and I took the ride on the slick – it was $50 but we got a great ride.

Go to the bottom and click on events.



Will has updated our web site to add the reunion.  Keep contacting other Vets, you can send them to me.




I talked to the manager the Branson Holiday Inn Express 


You can make your reservations for June 15th departing June 18.

Use the Code – I Corps

Rates on the contract are Single $58.00

                                                  Double $58.00

                                                  Triple   $63.00

                                                 Quad   $68.00

Those rates don’t include tax, etc.


Let me know when you registered with the motel.  If you have any trouble registering let me know.



 airdsie@charter.net or call me at 636-861-1139


 I have to have the rooming list to them by June 1.  After June 1 they will rent the rooms to others.  I’ve been told that this week is filling up fast.

 We have 30 rooms at $58.00 + tax Arriving June 15 departing June 18th.


When you register make sure you tell them your part of the I Corps Artillery reunion under my name – Don Aird. 

Then send me an e-mail or call me and let me know that you are registered. 

By letting me know your registered I’ll make sure you get their reduced rate.


Please let me know what activities you want me to help arrange – if any. 

The parade was fun and we can have a vehicle for those that would want to join in the parade but not walk.


We have the meeting room free from noon on each day. 

I’ll have a cooler for soda and barley pop.


Get your albums together.  I really enjoy going through looking at the pictures and narratives.




The Women Behind Their Soldiers

2006 Reunion Hats 

Thanks Clyde


2006 Reunion caps

subject to change

$10.00 – pick up at the reunion

$12.00 – mailed to your home

Please specify your first choice of color

Checks can be mailed to:    Clyde Lewandowski

Email for address:  clew4@warpdriveonline.com

NOTE: Set your email system to receive responses to your emails.  WEB-TV among others bounces emails.





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Vets Attending 2005





Reunion 2004

Will Myers

08 Jul 2004

I am very grateful I've had the opportunity to meet all of you. Never in a million years could I have envisioned this in '69 Viet Nam.


David Jackson

09 Jul 2004

My wife and I had a super time. Our special thanks to the people that put the reunion together. We enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone. It was very meaningful for me to get together with people that have such a common bond as we and knowing we went through the same thing. It wasn’t just the smiles the conversations and the sites that made the trip so great. It was what I saw in some of my brothers eyes. Some peace, some relief that was so long overdue.

Tom Hanan
1st of the 40th C battery

10 Jul 2004

Was so glad to see that 3 men from my old unit showed up. Richard Svek, Don Lawhead, & Jerry Corley. My wife & I had a great time. I was so glad to see Jerry as he was the person I most wanted to see again. We had a great time with him and his wife. Richard and his wife invited us to go with them to see the fireworks and we really enjoyed that also. shirts & battery news letter going out soon.

Malcolm Decker
C Btry & HHB 1/83 FA

10 Jul 2004

What a great meeting. I have commented to several that this was the greatest grouping of men and women I have ever had the privilege to visit. The loose organization of the meeting really allowed us to have time to visit with several individuals and learn about their experiences. I won't miss another reunion. Let's all work to get more from our various units to the next meeting.

Clyde Lewandowski

12 Jul 2004

Thanks to everyone who helped out, especially to you Will. Without you, we would all have been sitting on the back porch at home wasting the weekend. It was really great to meet everyone who attended. Now, I understand what the "Band of Brothers" is all about.

Don Pullen

13 Jul 2004

My family and myself really enjoyed the opportunity provided us to become acquainted with so many wonderful veterans and there families, and especially the opportunity to renew old friendships from the 2/94.I feel that it has really been good for me to get to talk to some of the veterans from the unit, helps to heal old wounds. Looking forward to visiting again, hope everyone remains in good health. Good luck to all and thanks again for all the opportunities for friendship, Don Pullen.

Terry Priddy
1/40 arty

14 Jul 2004

Good to see everyone at the reunion. enjoyed it very much. it is a healing process that we all need. Thanks again guys looking forward to the next one




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