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Singer - Songwriter

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Gif Credits - http//members.xoom.com/3dmike1/ Creator: Michael Hodsdon mailto: mike3d@uswest.net

Some of my Song Titles: (click on title for sample)

       Part-Time Cowboy Sometimes Free                                 Sneakers and Spurs

                             Willow Blue                                                  An Angel's Love      

                       Memories.....                                                               Dreamin' or Lyin'

    The Ballad of Willie Doe                                                               Rubilee

                      Walls Around Me                                               Modern Times

           Sunday Mornin'

Current Project, about 15 songs, poems.   Down Home Music.

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I'm working on some sound files and hope to eventually have some tapes and CD's for sale. This will take some time and $money$. Thanks for visiting. Please come back.

"Ex Animo Sic Itur Ad Astra"

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