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2/94 BLOG  Chronological "Diary" of Events

121)  Dick McClain
A Btry, 2/94, on the Annie Fannie
5/70 to 6/71


would like to hear from A btry gun grunts. Am especially looking for Lester Swanner. He was on a 175, appreciate any help in locating him. He was from Virginia

122)  William Cooper
C Battery/FDC, 2/94

2/69 - 2/70

  I served with C battery, 2/94 108th group from 2/69 - 2/70. Although I was trained at Ft. Sill as a cannon cocker, Lt. Henderson, the battery XO, assigned me to FDC when I came in-country. The battery was then based at LZ Nancy, and shortly thereafter we moved to  C-1 for several weeks, and then back to Nancy for the balance of my tour (aside from a brief stay at FB Anne). I was the FDC computer operator and made E-5 by the time I left country.

123)   William R Niles                          William's Pics 1  2  3
Svc 2/94 arty


Have got picks on the site thanks and welcome home.

C btry 2/94th
7/70 / 8/71


hello to every one that made it back. I was in C btry 2/94th in 7/70-8/71. I was just wondering if any remembers me. i was on gun #3 called [ConFusioN] any one remembers Denny Vandorvort, Jim Vava, kenny, moe, mike short, an two guys from evansville IN, any body remembers. drop me some e-mail ok. i got some pics from then i need to scan in my pc. i realy love this site. brings back good an bad stuff. THANKS for this site. DAN

125)  Ken Gerber
1/83, 8/4, 2/94 Svc.


Transfered from 8/4 to 2/94 Service 1971. Made Trip thru Hai Van Pass to Danang.

126)  Zane Ray
HQ 2/94th Survey/FDC
June 66 - Aug 67

127)  Bruce Cheske
C Battery 2/94
Nov. 66 to Nov. 67


At last, some info about a unit that didn't get the respect that we all deserve. Its nice to find all of you!!!

128)  David E Sandeen
"C" Battery 2nd/94th Artillery
Aug 67- Feb 68

I arrived in country in mid Aug 67 and spent the first couple of weeks as an FO at Gio Linh.  In Sept I relieved I believe Lt Tenis as XO of Charly Battery a position I held until leaving in mid Feb 68.  35 years later I can remember a lot of faces but have trouble with names.  I really enjoy the 2/94 web site and hope to be able to attend the 2003 reunion.  I have some super 8 videos that have been transferred to video that may be interesting.  I remember quite vividly the trips to the Rockpile.  Hope to hear from others that were there at the same time. 

129)  Walt Rogers
2nd/94th Artillery

I was in 2/94 from June or July of '66 until August of '67. We went by troop train to Oakland and boarded the Gen. LeRoy Eltinge. We stopped in Okinawa where we found out we were going to the DMZ instead of Saigon. I see a couple of messages posted mentioning Lt. DeVita. I remember him well--he was then an avid photographer. Walt Rogers

130) 1Lt. Eugene Glesne
C Btry/2nd/94th Arty


Great site. Will check weekly for new names.

131)  Dennis Faitz
A btry 2nd Bat. 94th Arty
6-13-69 to 12-19-70


Commrads from this time period PLEASE reply

132)  Jeffrey Guse
April 70/71


Survived Dewey Canyon 2 What a long strange trip it's been.

133) Lindsey L Kerns
service battery 2nd battalion 94th artillery


I served as ammo truck driver and driver for Lt McKnight. Would like to hear from all that was in service battery. Would like to hear from the guy that was sitting in back of jeep the day that the marine halted us.

134)  Bill Cowan                                                                Bill's Pics
a btry gun 2,4
7-16-69 to 9-13-70


lookin for any bros. who were on gun #2 assassin and gun #4 annie fanny at the following f.b.s sally,shit,sharon,barbara,c-1

hello bros. of 2/94 Arty. I have learned alot about when the unit came to the Nam but haven't seen to much from the guys who were in the unit when it left Nam in April of 72. I have just a couple of questions: did 2/94 leave as a unit? did they take all the guns with them and where did they go? are any of the guns anywhere today? I am just curious about what happened in the end. I was with "A" btry. from july 69 to sept.13,70. any info would be great. thanx, welcome home and peace. Wild Bill Cowan, you can send your info to me :bcowan2003@yahoo.com.

135)  Billy W. Gilbert
C Btry. Btry. Clerk/Forward Observer
Sept. 1966-Sept 1967


Glad to find out about reunion and am interested in finding other original members.

136)  Roger Smallwood
sept. 1966-march 1967


I was in the 2nd 94th artillery c battery camp carroll sept, 1966-
mar.1967. I was on the 175 gun.     Roger

137)  Lynn Edward Brockhaus
C Btry  2/94
mar 67 - jan 68

Dong Ha, Gio Linh, Graveyard, JJ Carroll and Rockpile (3/67-1/68).

138)   Donald M Cohen (SFC)
Hq Btry, Metro Section (Section Chief)
June 1966 (Ft Sill) - April 1967


In April 67, I received a Warrant Officer Commission and was transferred to the 8/25 TAB in RVN

139)  Richard Porter
Hq Btry Metro Officer
Jul 68 - Jul 69


Like to hear from any of the gang. Leslie Gore, where are you?

140)  Robin M. Gates
service btry 2/94th arty
feb 70 to feb71

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