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2/94 BLOG  Chronological "Diary" of Events


101)  Dan Loconti                                           Dan's Pics
E-Battery ?

102)  Larry Wojtowicz
C Btry 2nd BN 94th Arty
Nov-70 to Mar-71


I am so glad to find this site. After looking over the rosters I can now remember some of my tour. I do know that I was there during Lam Son 719. I would injoy talking with anyone that can help me recall some of the event and personel .

103)  John Warren Sims
Neal Doby's unit-FDO


104)  Roy DeLoach
"C" Battery 2/94th
Mar.-Oct. 1971


Thanks for the great web site.

105)  Richard Deschamps


I started with 1st 83rd then went to 2nd 94th. Spent time at FB Bastogne, Birmingham, Vandigrif? and DaNang.

106) Walter Murphree
Hq Btry 2/94 FA
August 68 - August 69


Metro section Aug68 - Jan 69, S-2 Section Jan 69 -August 69. From Camp Carroll to LZ Nancy. I would like to hear fron anyone I served with there. I remember some great guys there. There was Mr. Porter and a Sgt Stoner both were from CA. Clarence Harben from GA. Greg Schneider (sorry I'm not sure of the correct spelling of his last name) from OH orKY. Sp4 Horton from OK. Sp4 Muskgraves from TX. Sp5 Lawler from MO. These guys were all in met section. There was a 1st Sgt of Hq Btry Art Thomas from KY. I'm sorry that I don't remember the names of the men in the S-3 Section. There was a Sp4 Smith from Cambridge, Ohio I think I have looked for him with no luck. It doesn't look like the people from Camp Carroll and LZ Nancy have signed in. Sure would like to hear from anyone that was at these location. Till then I am Walt in Ohio.

107)  Curtis G Kemple

B Btry, 2/94  4/70 - 6/71


 I was the gun mechanic.I was with FARMER when his gun blew up. Would like to hear from any one that was with
B Btry in that time period.

108)  John Neiger
B Battery 2nd Battallion 94th Artillery
1966 - 1967


Hello, I am honored to participate. I was the original battery commander of B Battery 2nd/94th that organized at Ft. Sill and then deployed to VN - Camp Carroll. B Battery then deployed to Gio Linn in early 1967 and distinguished itself duting those trying times. Job well done at Gio Linn. God Bless each and every person that helped make it a success. Thanks for doing what was necessary - - - Grip Hands. John Neiger B Battery Commander 2nd Battalion, 94th Artillery

109)  Kretzschmar, Paul E.
B & Service Btry
12/68 to 12/69

110) William A. Davis (Bill)
Jan.,1971 - Dec., 1971


Pete, Thanks for the GREAT Web Site. Was great talking to you today, Sims also called me today. Brought back alot of memories. Birmingham, Vandergrift, DMZ, Phubai, Malaria. ALIVE AND WELL IN SOUTH JERSEY! Hope to hear from any of you.

111)  Bob Zovistoski



See you at the reunion!

112)  Don Ray                                                                    Don's Pics
C Btry 2nd/94th Track Mechanic
6 Oct 70 to 16 June 71


I found this sit while doing some research for a marine in our VFW club. I see a few names I recognize and will respond personally. I don't have many pictures because everything I owned got blown up in a M548 while pulling out of the Laos Mess. I welcome all Contacts. This is a Great Site. It has brought back many memories and names that I had forgotten long ago.

113)  Stephen A. Tyler

    Feb, 1969    S5, 108th Artillery Group
    Mar, 1969    Motor Officer, 2/94 FA
    Apr, 1969    Cdr, HHB, 2/94 FA
    Aug, 1069    FDO, 2/94 FA
    Oct, 1969    S2, 2/94 FA

Feb - Dec 1969


COL, FA, Retired

114)  Charles A. Adamson, LTC., (Ret)
Battalion S2, 2/94
1 May 66-30 Oct 67

I was the second individual assigned to the Bn at Fort Sill following LTC Richard G. Trefrey, the Bn CO.I remained as the S2 for the Bn until 30 October 67. Some wonderful friends were formed and lots of memories and war stories. Hope to attend the reunion and will bring lots of pictures. I still have the taped radio report of General Alford Gray, USMC who was a Major,I believe the S3 for the 3rd_9th Marine Regiment during the initial attack at Gio Lynn.

115)  Michael K. Parker
A Battery 2/94th
4/69 thru 5/70


I was the BC driver most of my tour until last couple of months when we were at Barbara. If anyone remembers me, I would like to hear from you.

116)  Gerry Stratton                                                      Gerry's Pics
2nd bn. 94th Artillery, 8" howitzer "Abortion"
Jan '71- Aug '71


Was in the Laos fiasco, until we finally beat feet out of there. Then on firebase Bastogne, where we had to build the emergency shitters 'cause of bad water. Does any of this sound familiar? If you were there, drop me a line,I have some pictures of people and things. Names go away so quickly. Peace

117)  Marion D. Richards
HQ Battery 94th Artillery, Commo
Sept. 1966-June 1967

Marion D Richards, Major (Ret), USAR.  Curtailed out of Germany and assigned to 2/94th Arty at Ft Sill as Communications Officer.  Deployed with Bn and made road march to J. J.  Carroll.  First rocket/mortar attack 6-7 March 1967.  Was first use of 122mm rocks by enemy forces.  Westmoreland flew into J. J. Carroll on 7 March as a result of the attack.  Seabees arrived next day and began building bunkers.  Hope this is enough to verify for you. Thanks.

118)  John F. Oltmann
B Brty 2/94th
October 1970-October 1971


Hope to hear from any one I served with.

119) Rickey D Martin                                 Rickey's Pics
HHQ Battery 2/94th Arty
April 1970-Feb 1971                                                      
1970 HHB Roster


120)  William M. Newman
B Btry 2nd 94th Arty
July 70 July 71


I arrived in Nam July 70 1st assignment to B Btry 2/94th Arty at Camp Carroll My sister recently found
photo album from Camp Carroll pictures include Doc Hill,Fleming Morris,sweet pea (Tom Severson} Peter Zak
who could forge get him. Also have great photo's of ghost mountain. Was in Lang Vei and Lao Bao have
pictures of Farmer ect.  Retired Col Faber or Capt at B Btry at the time i have given all my slides to, but
would be glad to share pictures with anyone. Would like to get ahold of Fleming Morris he really got me
on theright track in Nam. 

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