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2/94 BLOG  Chronological "Diary" of Events

41) Dave Weiss
C btry 2/94 arty Gun 2

Great site. First time I came across it in all my years of messin' with the computer. I have alot of PICs if I ever get a scanner. WELCOME HOME

42) John Justice
A Battery, 2nd/94th
Jan '71 - Nov '71

I've been looking for a long time. I was beginning to think it was all a dream (bad dream. Was on the Laotion border during
Lam-Son 719/Dewey Canyon II. FDC section chief. I woul love to hear from anyone who served but anyone who served my unit
during that time. Mike Knabenshue, where are you?

43) Dennis Berg
HQ  LN section 2/94
May 1967 - April 1968

Among other places, was at Khe Sanh working with the 26th Marines during the Seige. Excellent Work to all of you on the guns!

44) John Crisman
2/94 Batt. B   Baby Huey #2

Trying to find Dave Garcia ,same unit and time served. Dave was sent home from Camp Eagel help me find him if you can thanks In Christ John

45) Tom Hemmelgarn
Service Battery 2nd 94th

46)  Neal Doby
HQ & C Btry, 2/94th
Nov 70 - Nov 71

Glad to have found the page. If I can get some slides scanned, I have pictures from 1971.

47) Robert Benard
Bravo Btry 1/40 / FDO B Btry 2/94
Jun 1969 - Nov 1969

After orientation (FDO School at Camp Evans?) I was with Battalion FDC while Bravo was on the Khe Sahn Op. I flew to Khe Sahn as Pay Officer (probably July), the day after a Marine short round fell in the Battery killing one of the gun chiefs. Joined Bravo as FDO upon their return to Con Thien. After deactivation I transfered to Bravo 2nd/94th. I remember life at Con Thien as sleep, shoot, stay wet and duck incoming. Like to hear where you guys are now.

For the second half of my tour. FO with a range finder spotting device at C-2, Con Thein and LZ Sarge and then XO of Bravo Battery 2nd/94th from move back to Carroll.

48) John G. Greenlaw Jr.
C Bat. 2/ 94 Arty.
Aug. 21 1970--Aug. 21 1971.

This is the best site I have run in to. I was a 13B30 with C Bat 2/94 heavy arty. mach. was at Dong Ha LZ Nancy Da Nang Vandegrif Khe Sanh La Boa [FSB Stiles] Camp Eagle Bastone Burminingham Vegil. HILL 65 . It has been 30 years now; would like to hear from you guys again. Do have pictures and slides.

49) Dwight (Wayne) Wells                                       Incredible 175mm Fireball Shot
A/ Battery/ 2nd/ 94th Gun # 2, 8/4
Jan 8-68 to July 18-68

I came to the 2/94 from the 8/4 B-Battery where I started at Ft. Sill.

50) Parker W. Holden
HQ, 108th FA Gp., C Btry, 2/94th FA
Dec. '69-Dec. '70

I stumbled in here by accident and it's a little overwhelming. Haven't given much thought to Northern I Corps in the last 30 years.

51) Franklin L. Sterling                                               Frank's Pics         
B Btry, 2/94th arty
Dec. 68 - Dec. 69

Took awhile but I finally signed in. ready to get back to doing what has to be done. Blood Sweat, and Tears was the gun I was on. Mike I am doing better now.

APR 70 - APR 71

I was surfing and accidentally ran across this site. since then, have been E-mailing Tom Miller, while we don't remember each other, we reached the conclusion that I was his replacement. When Lam Son started, Harold Gugel (NYC) and I went to a makeshift Trans unit made up of guys from all the ammo sections. What an experience! We were basically free lance truckers that ran the route 9 to Khe Sahn.  In particular, I would like to hear from Willie Hegedus, Harold Gugel or Sutherland from the ammo section 2-94. Great website and I have certainly enjoyed the stories and pics. Will pull out my old slides and pics and post those of Barbara/Nancy/Dong Ha/Ross/Vandegriff. Thanks

53)  Greg Smith                                                      Greg's Pics
FDO, Btry C, 2/94
Jun 66 - Sep 67

Started with 2/94 from the beginning at Sill in '66. I'm looking for some of my FDC guys. Especially Fisher and green from Michigan.

54)  Vic Mamayek                                    Pics
c btry,2nd 94th arty (gun 4)
July 70/July 71

Great website. Welcome home vet's. Would like to hear from more guy's who served from 70/71.

55)  Gary Hall
Service Battery 2/94th
3 July 70 - 4 July 71

Great to finally fine something about XXIV Corp. I was the wrecker operator in Service Battery. Dong Ha,DaNang,KhaSanh,PhuBy,CamLo,JJ, Rockpile.

56)  Edward (Doc) Johnson
1/83rd and 2/94th
11/70 to 11/71

My last tour I started with the 1/83rd and it joined the 2/94th and the 1/83rd colors were sent home. I was a medic with HHB and various other batteries.

57) Johnny C. Fay
HQ-6/32 & 2/94 arty Surveyor
Feb67---Jan 28 1968

I was drafted Feb 4 1966 (US.................)into the6/32 had basic and AIT in Fort Lewis Wa. Went to the Nam on a troop ship The USNS Weigle landed in Na Traing and 3 weeks latter they sent me to the 2/94 at JJ Caroll.They called it infusion but cofusion is a better name. 82 C 20 thats me,arty surveyor, I'm a lsnd surveyor now been doing it ever since I got home. Caroll was my home for most of 1967. At times I was a FO going up on the tower at night and spent some time at other fire bases also. Other than that I'd like to say to each and every one of you "Welcome Home" Johnny

58) Gary W. Overton, Sgt.E5, MOS: 36K40
HHB 2d Bn 94th - 8/4

59)  Herald L.Lane                                                                Herald's Pics
2nd 94th supply
22 July to 23July69


I am glad to join these guys and want to welcome every one back home and glad to been one of the guys too.

I am looking some of the guys who where there with me in 68 thru 69. Would love to hear from them plus the first shirt Or any one who was there.  If some one remembers the guy who fired has home made gun there.

60)  Mike Jacobson
B/Btry 2nd 94th Arty Blue Gun
March 67-April 68


I spent from March 67 -Tet 68 at J.J. Carroll serving with 2nd/94th B-Btry on Blue gun. I was the Asst. Gunner and moved up to Gunner when Sgt. Duncan rotated home. We did tours at the Rockpile, Cam Lo, Dong Ha, Con Thien and Gio Lin. I would like to remember Doug Williams who was KIA at Carroll in 68. I was WIA twice while at J.J. Carroll but still have some very fond memories of the people who I served with. Welcome home all Veterans!!!


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