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2/94 BLOG  Chronological "Diary" of Events


161)   John K. Garlet
B Btry, 2nd 94th, Maintenance
June 1970, July 1971


When I first got assigned to the 94th, I was with B Battery, an 8" SP.  I think I was there about two weeks, when an opening came up in service battery for a mechanic, which I changed over too. When the battery moved north to support the ARVN border crossing, I served with the advanced party, staking out the forward gun placements. 

162)  Gary L. Henton Sp. 4
"C" Btry. 2nd BN, 94th Arty.
September 23, 1966-October 19, 1967


I was Armorer; Excc. Driver; and Btry. Recorder for Lt. Andy Tenis. We been to all outpost. I would like to talk to anyone who remembers me getting hit with a 152mm rocket on May 9,1967. Especially Ssgt. J.J. Howell, or his gun section. Recordings on the internet said one man got hit on "B" Btry. in Dong Ha, "B" Btry. was not in Dong Ha on May 9th. It was "C" Btry. and I was the man hit. Ssgt. Howell should have gotten some kind of recognition for coming out after me and dragged me into a bunker. He kept a wet compress on my forehead and eye all through the night till morning when a medic could tend to my wound. I would also like to talk to anyone who remembers me getting snake bit October 1966. Joe Herman was in the hole with me. Does anyone have any contact with Alton Herrin from Alabama? Several of us buddies are trying to get in touch with him. He had a nickname of Big John. I would like to thank all of the men who supported me with smokes when someone stole my flight jacket. I believe I tested every brand of cigarette on the Market! Hope to meet up with most of you at the April 2003 Military Reunion. in Branson, MO.


163)  Richard E. Sauve
Bravo battery2/94th artillery

i was a radio/switchboard operator during my time with b-battery, our 1st sargent was named chilton followed by sfc humphrey. we also formed a group called the 3rd member anyone sharing these memories please contact me

164)  Darrell F Gutsche
B Battery 2nd & 94th
April 1967-April 1968

I was assigned to B battery, 2nd bn, 94th arty at camp JJ Carroll, to a 175 SP howitzer support unit in April 1967 to April 1968.  When I got there I was in ammo supply moving pro-jos and powder to our unit from Dong Ha.

165)  Van Parton
b-btry 2/94 commo
march 68-march69


I was with the commo section and moved around with the unit from dong-ha all the way up to khe-sahn.

166) Robert D Gibson
B 2/94 and HQ Btry 2/94
August 1967 to August 1968


I arrived in RVN in August 1967, I was assigned to B Btry as the 4th officer.  about three weeks later all the other officers in the Btry rotated and I was the BC and the only officer in the Btry. 

167)  Stuart G. Ferguson
B 2nd 94th arty

went to vn with the 6th/33rd arty arrived in nam feb.68 transferd to B 2nd/94th about april 68 was commo nco

168)  Sidney Gordon
2nd 94th Bravo Battery
10/23/68 to 10/23/69


It's great to have this site. Hope to find some of the guys.

169)  Joel Stevens (JoJo)
B Battery 2nd 94th
July 1970-July 1971

I got a call from Richard Suave. I can't believe This web site. Hey Curt and Buffalo wasssup?

170)  John Verran
2nd Battalion 94th Artillery
March 1970 to May 1971


I'm John's wife, Julie. He's just starting a new job & has no email yet. So I'm giving you my email.

171)  James Fanestiel
Cbtry/2nd/ 94th


I was a mechanic in the motor section{generators} and captains drivers for last months.just found the site and hope to make the reunion next time.nickname{"Fantastic"} Still have them memories,and seems so long ago!wonder if vanderzand, forsythe, sgt helton"squeaky", and other gun mechanics are alive...

172)  Michael (Mike) w. Keeler
HHb 2nd Bn. 94th Arty.
10/67 - 09/68


Arrived "In Country" with advanced team from the HHB 108th Arty. Group. At that time was the LTC personal RTO & Driver. Had a major fallout w/ group's Sgt.Major, he wanted me dead so bad he had me transfered to HHB 2/94. Little did he know I was to get a great job, the New Battalion Mail Clerk for 2/94, and with a nice drive every day to Carroll, life couldn't get any better, anybody remember the famous, (painted Navy Gray,"Magical Michael's Mail Mobile,"??? (Drawing on my Mail Truck, complements Squire Knowles. I replaced Gary Bander and if you got any "Dear John's," between 10/67 - 09/68 it wasn't my fault guy's, I just delivered the mail.... P.S. I only had one truck blown out from underneath me.

173)  Daniel A Majors
B Battery

I was in country from Dec 1969- Dec 1970, when I left the unit, B Battery 2nd 94th Artillery was in Danang, Prior to that we were on JJ Carroll on Dong Ha Mountain. I was a 13B30, Turret Artillery Mechanic for much of my tour, The last part of the tour I drove The Captain's ,Jeep, Captain Hudson, I believe.  Anyway that's the short of it.

Thanks for your time,
Danny Majors

174)  Gary Shepard
C bty 2/94
oct 70 to oct 71

my nam tour started in oct 70 to oct 71 at hill 65 outside danang.then went on lamson 119 circus ride thur khe sangh to vandergriff,then farther west,i was in c btry,gun 4

175)  Larry L. Wendt
A Btry 2/94
Aug 71 till standdown

I was with A Btry on FSB Bastone from Aug. 71 untill they stood us down in Feb of 72.  Worked in FDC and was present when gun 2 exploded killing Tom Lipsey.  There were several of us from Michigan in the unit at this time. Took a long time to find this site thanks
Larry Wendt

176)   Jake Briggs
HHB 2/94th Arty - RTT
Mar68 - Feb69


JJ Carroll: Mar - Dec 1968 LZ Nancy: Dec 68 - Feb 69. Would like to hear from Willie Harrington or any of the guys in MSG Denton's Radio Section. Also, Larry Sanders where r u ?

177)  Larry Day
HHB 2/94

Glad to have been there...glad to be here.

I was in Dong Ha, Phu Bai, Camp Carrol, Mai Loc, and several places in the Ashau attached to a Marine Advisory Group as a Liaison Sgt. I was there in 1970 - 1971 and "enjoyed" Dewey Canyon II and Lam Son 719.  I retired in 1992 as a First Sergeant at the US Army Sergeant's Major Academy.

178)  Rick Kelly
2/94 Field Arty Quan Tri Viet Nam

Just wondering if any one out there remembers being there at this time and remembers serving with me.

179)  Benjamn Lamar Sandifer Jr. "Marty"
b btry 2/94

like to hear from any of you guys in b btry.been looking for you 33 yrs.  looking for fred reed and oscar shaw or any of the guys .  

relocated to north carolina


180)  Jerry Dorman
2/94 Field Artillery HHB
\Aug1971-April 1972


 Camp Eagle to Da Nang. We had to clean up all those Dirty Guns and Vehicles to send em Home In 105 degee  Heat. It seems as though it was all for nothing!!! Hope all My friends and Comrades are well and healthy!!!



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