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301)    Bibeau
83rd arty fort brag n c
1958 to 1961


Looking for anyone who served in the 83rd artillery at Fort Bragg N. C. Between the years 1958-1961 I am looking for some of my old buddies.

302)  Sid Johnston (SP5-13E20)
HHB/C 1stBn/83rd; 108 Grp during Lam Son 719
April 70-April 71


Was originally at HHB 1/83 until Lam Son 719. Joined C Btry and went to Con Thien, then went to 108 Group to help fire in 2/94 and 8/4 batteries in/around Khe Sanh.

303)  Michael R. Murdock
HHB/6th 33rd/SURVEY
1 FEB 68 - 27 JAN 69


Straight out of ASSC class 30-67 at Ft. Sill, OK, a lot of the class members joined others in the Activated 6th BN 33rd FIELD ARTILLERY at Fort Carson, CO. As a unit we left Fort Carson in Jan. 1968 to board the USS Upshur and arrive at Da Nang with all of our equipment in Saigon. From Da Nang we moved north to LZ Sharon outside of Quang Tri. With LZ Sharon as our base camp the survey section did our job around a lot of fire bases from Da Nang north the DMZ. Sept.? 1968 HHB moved to Phu Bai where I ran the NCO club. Welcome home to all. REMEMBER ALL THAT GAVE THEIR ALL.

304)  Tom Gardner
B Btry, 1/83 FA, FDC section
Oct 68 - Oct 69

It has been a long time, yet seems like it was just yesterday. Hope to hear from some of you.

305)  Benny F. Carpenter
Lima 4/12 FDC ops chief
aug68 - sept69


looking for pictures of capt smith, lt horn,captadams ssgtmose hooks or any pictures that were taken at the rockpile or c2.Happy to pay for any pictures out there.Gysgt carpenter U.S.M.C retired

306)  James Harris
1/83 hhc survey platoon

looking for the medic's name who was killed at bastogne in 5/69..anyone have any names

307)  Bill Taggart
1/83 HQ Btry Survey

Was with the 1/83 from Ft Sill in 4/66 through Viet Nam at Nui Dat with Australian Task Force until 11/67. Conatct me if you were part of that group.

308)  Larry Day
HHB 2/94

Glad to have been there...glad to be here.

I was in Dong Ha, Phu Bai, Camp Carrol, Mai Loc, and several places in the Ashau attached to a Marine Advisory Group as a Liaison Sgt. I was there in 1970 - 1971 and "enjoyed" Dewey Canyon II and Lam Son 719.  I retired in 1992 as a First Sergeant at the US Army Sergeant's Major Academy.


309)  Stephen Ashworth
HQ. 4Btn. 12th Reg.
Feb.68 to Dec.68

Dong Ha, Camp Carroll

310)  Bruce Taiji
HHC 1st BN 83rd Arty
Feb 68 - Apr 69


Was a Commo SPC with HHC when it was in Nui Dat and then moved to Phu Bai (Camp Eagle). Interested in locating buddies from that time frame

311)  Rick Kelly
2/94 Field Arty Quan Tri Viet Nam

Just wondering if any one out there remembers being there at this time and remembers serving with me.

312)  Michael Bilby
1/11 Whiskey & 1/11 Tango -  3/12 Papa Battery 155 mm
1/68 - 11/68


Would like to find anyone who served with me in Whiskey or Tango.

313)  Malcolm Decker                                                             Malcolm's Pics
C Btry 1/83 and then HHB 1/83
11-69 to 10-70

I was an FDO in C Btry from Nov. 69 to March 70. Then went to Battalion as an FDO until 10-70. Then 7 more months at the 7th Training Btn USATC at Ft Sill.

314)  Robert L.
SVC BTRY 1st/39th FA
Apr1 1970-Sept. 1970

I relieved sp5 White who lost his legs Apr. 13 1970. If you anything about the expediter m79 thumper please e-mail.

 i was at firebase nancy in april of 1970 when it was overrun.  would like to know if anyone can remember my getting wounded by schrap metal in the left knee.

315)  James Gamble
B 1/11 comm/wire
Feb 71-Feb 72

Hill 55 and back to Las Pulgas

316)  Ssgt Donnie Tennis Ret.
b batt. 5/22 bonnie sect.
june 68-july 69

i was at ban me thout. went to dak to a few times la trang for quartly maint.i was the gun driver the whole time.served with randal smith charles bergman,huber ronald reagin.been trying to get in touch with some these guys.




318)  Gary Prince
3rd 175 gun battery (sp) 1st Mar. Div.
January 1968 to March 1969

Started out in Da Nang. After two months I went to An Hoa and spent the remainder of my time. I was NCOIC of the motor pool. Would love to hear from somone and talk.

319)  Mike Pearson
a btry. 5/22nd. sect. 1, 8-in. (blind obedience)

fire mission, mike white (a.g.), billy shaw (tailman) professor( powder man) f.n.g. (jo humpper)  and all the others, where are you???????????

320)  Benjamn Lamar Sandifer Jr. "Marty"
b btry 2/94

like to hear from any of you guys in b btry.been looking for you 33 yrs.  looking for fred reed and oscar shaw or any of the guys .

relocated to north carolina

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