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101)  Daniel Vestal

6th 33rd

Mar. 69 - Mar 70

I have many pictures of my  tour in Vietman.  tour dates Mar 1969 to Mar 1970.  first assigned to Phu Bi the Dong Ha the in the field to LZ Cates, Stud, Vandergriff and somewhere else I forgot the name of.  I was a SP4 on Gun 6 of "C" battery.  I believe the name on one other person was Sam Salamone.

102)  Mike Jacobson
B/Btry 2nd 94th Arty Blue Gun
March 67-April 68

I spent from March 67 -Tet 68 at J.J. Carroll serving with 2nd/94th B-Btry on Blue gun. I was the Asst. Gunner and moved up to Gunner when Sgt. Duncan rotated home. We did tours at the Rockpile, Cam Lo, Dong Ha, Con Thien and Gio Lin. I would like to remember Doug Williams who was KIA at Carroll in 68. I was WIA twice while at J.J. Carroll but still have some very fond memories of the people who I served with. Welcome home all Veterans!!!

103) Cliff Hughes
HQ 8/4 FA


104) Mike Hanlon
C Btry/ 2/94


I'd like to find a couple of buddys from the unit. Rick Shank was from Maryland.  My R&R buddy Bob Kirkpatrick was from Ohio, I believe.  How about Mike and Byron Stone?  They were from Oregon or Washington.  Thanks for any help. Mike

105) Lawrence Mason
C btry 2/94 arty.
1/70-12/70 11/71-4/72


Would like to hear from guys who were in C btry with me.   Glad we are home.

106) James R. Fullenwider                                        James' Pics
A Battery 2nd Battalion 94th Artillery
Dec. 1970 to nov. 1971

107) Richard H. Stollings
hq btry 2nd bn 94th arty
june 66 --june 67


Would like to hear from anyone who served with crypto message center or Jim Reeves.

108) Henning Jonsson
2/94, HQ Btry, LZ Nancy
Jan 69 - Jan 70


I remember fatigues that smelled like buffalo dung, the piss tube, burning shit and listening to Janis Joplin. It was in another world and a long time ago and I sometimes wonder if it really happened at all or if it was just a dream. Memory of some of what went on has faded, but that's OK. I have some other memories of people I met and friendships that were developed. I'm glad to have found this cite, some tears were good. Does anyone know whatever happened to Sgt Hanh? He was a Cambodian.

109) Jerry West
K-4-12 & E-2-12, USMC
Dec. 66 to July 67


Served in comm section with K-4-12 in DaNang in 65-66 and as an FO with E-2-12 at Camp Carrol, Phu Bai, Camp Evans and Cam Lo in 1966-67. Later was an organizer in the GI Anti-War movement in 1970 while stationed at MCAS Iwakuni.

110) Curtis L. Swift


i was at the following bases while in vietnam. camp eagle-phubai--dong  ha-sept.71 firebase birmingham---firebase barbara--camp haskins, danang served with ed moore--hicks--dutton--evans--peterson, i have some good snap shots of dutton-hicks-evans-peterson so where are you? i was sent to a south vietnamese base once to help set-up a radio tower, stayed there about a week with the south vietnamese army, a member of my unit was sent out to help me, i can't remember his name so if you see this, contact me via e-mail

111) Clarence Hill
3/68 - 3/69


I was nicknamed tall man by robert mendosa (street cleaner). would like to hear from anyone that was in 'A' battery.


112) James D. (Dan) Leighton
Svc Btry, 2/94
1966 to 1967

113) Steve Coltharp
C Btry 2/94 Arty
Summer 66 thru Jan-Feb 67


Was Btry Clerk when unit first mobilized at Sill. Then was in FDC when we got to the Nam. Unit had first shakeup due to everyone's DEROS the same and I went to Pleiku with then Commo Sgt.

114) Scott Shepard
C btry 2/94 arty 3rd gun


Allways Flexiable!!

115) Ron Wagner
SVC Battery 2/94
9/70 - 7/71

I served as truck driver in ammo section, and then as battalion ammo clerk and driver for XO.

116) Squire Knowles

8th/4th  3/67-11/67 & 2nd/94th11/67-8/68

Headquarters Battery, Personnel Clerk
Oct 67 to Aug 68


Although Vietnam totally sucked BIGTIME, I remember a lot of great guys and lots of happy and humorous moments. The hard times were when we lost friends, though we were fortunate we lost only a few. See you in Branson, MO.

117)  Dale Bischoff
 "A" 2/94
Eeb 68 thru Mar 69

118)  Russ Hall
HQ CO 2bn 94th arty.
august 70 to aug 71

119)  John J Kane
service battery 2nd battlion 94th artillery
may 67 to may 68


I do not remember much, can anyone tell me where gary bandor the mail clerk for the service battery was from. I remember.   He died at fort Sill in late 67 in a jeep crash

120) Roger H. Dent
B/2/11 FA 101 Abn Div
Oct 68 - Aug 69


I was with 2/11 at the end of 68, then with B Battery as the BC jan 69-Aug 69 Fsb Jack, Whip, Lash, Currahee


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