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BRAVO, 2ND/ 94 TH                                                                                                              SEPT. 66/4-15/67


22)  Lavon Gordon Lilleux
Organization: 7/67-5/68

trying to get as much information as possible about the guys I served with. The unit was activated at Ft. Sill in '67,trained together and went to Danang by troop ship, USS Upshur, then on to Dong Ha and fire bases north; I left the unit while in the Ashua Valley and was  transferred to the 6/32 8"unit.

23)  Marty Hauser
B Btry  8/4 Maint.
Organization: March 70- jan 71

Just trying to find anyone that was in B Btry in 70

24)  ELDRIDGE  MORRIS JR                                                
B BATTERY  2ND 94TH  BATTERY RECORDER                                 Eldridge's Pics

25)  Robert Matlock
C Btry  2/94 Arty  175 MM   Gun 4
6-67 thru 4-68 trans to 8/4 Arty 175  Dong Ha           

I was with the 2/94th arty in 67-68. We were at Dong Ha, Gio Linn, Camp Carroll, Rock Pile, and a place that we call The Graveyard; (a Vietnamese graveyard between Dong Ha and Gio Linn). I am really glad to have found this sight. I have looked for something on the 94 th for a long time. I would really like to hear from anyone the battery, or the battalion.

26)  Larry A. Nelson
A Battery, 8/4 Guns, FDC, Ammo Chief

See you all in July.

I,m looking for a Alexander Henderson, he was from Tenn. I'm not sure if he was in the 1/40th. or the 1/44th. He and I came to Vietnam on the buddy system from Germany. I went to the 8/4 and he went to ??, If anyone know's him let me no. Thanks,

larry nelson A btry. 8th.Bn.4th.Arty. 67-68


27)  Buzz  (Mac) Mcaninch
Svc Btry, Personnel Sect, 8th/4th
March67 -March68

Been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks for putting it together.

28)  Peter W. Marchand
C Battery, 2/94th Arty
Oct 70 - Oct 71

It is really great to have a contact point for the 2/94th. This is the page I've been looking for. 

29)  John Purdy
2/94 HQ Btry / FDC
10/71 - 4/72

Been looking for this - I'll post more + pics in the future I'd like to hear from anyone out there who was there.

30)  Perry J. Kneisel
SVC Bat. Personnel Specialist, 2nd Bn 94th Arty
Feb. 69 through end Mar. 70

Lots of stories and hundreds of slides. Guess I need a scanner!

  IN MEMORY - Rest In Peace, Colonel              Obituary

31)  LTC Joseph Ganahl
Unit - Battalion Commander 2nd Bn 94th Arty
Dates - Feb 1971 to Aug 1971

32)  Paul Marquis                       Anatomy of a Fire Mission Arty & Infantry work hand in hand
Bravo Battery 1/12 2nd bn 3rd Marines
Aug 10 67 to Sept. 6th 68

Home Page

Thanks for the cover fire during a convoy ambush April 19 1968 on Hwy 9 just outside KheSanh, Just want to say that your Marine brothers appreciate our Army brothers. Semper Fi

 Paul Marquis             Echo 3/3

33)  Gail A. Duff
2/94 FA Service Battery/ ammo section, 3rd Section
June67/ June 68

I just got back to the site and read the history of 2/94 and I cant say enough. It brought back a lot of memories and a few tears for the ones that didn't get back. 

My tour took me from Long Bin to the DMZ at Camp Carroll and Dong Ha. I had the privilege of serving ammo and supplies to the finest gun units in the Army. I visited all fire bases within I corp with the excepted few. Would like to receive all combat experiences you can remember. The Rockpile,etc. Welcome Home one and all. Would especially like anyone who was in Service Batt. to keep in touch. I am trying to put together a combat report for the 2/94th Service Batt. All info will be appreciated. Marines dont hesitate to throw in your two cents worth because we were all brothers in arms. Duffy 2/94

Thank you for your web site and we all appreciate the time you took away from other things. A job beyond well done. WELCOME HOME ONE AND ALL!!!! Duffy

7:20:16 AM

My name is Lynn M. Duff, I enlisted towards the end of the war after my Brother came home. 

He is Gail Duff Aka " Duffy " of Svc Batt,94th. Oddly enough my new unit was " C " Batt. 94th.

 Berlin Brigade assigned to 2nd. Batalion, 6th Inf. ANY WAY, thanks for your Web site.

 I really enjoyed it! Welcome home to ALL my Brothers! 

If anybody wants to contact me i`m at Thanks again!

34)  Ken Zahn (Doc HONDO)
8/4 Arty. H.Q. Dong Ha & Con Thien A-4
Nov.70 - Oct.71

Drove (Lucille) The aid station ambulance. Can anyone tell me who named her Lucille?

35)  Steve Morris
C Btry, 8/4
Jan 71-Nov 71

36)  J. Scott Stevenson
B Battery 8/4th Artillery Gun #1

Anybody out there from Sergeant Kuykendall's gun crew? I have been thinking about all of you often, and want to hear from you. Thomas Pratt, Sergeant Willis (the backup singer) and espically Bobby Jones, the only person I outranked cause he kept getting busted...Bobby kept me alive! Kuykendall called me the "Hippie" because of my wire rimmed glasses. Anybody remember Tet at An Hoa?

37)  Dean E. Shanklin                                                                  Propaganda Leaflet - War is Hell
Svc. Btry 2nd Bn 94th Arty 3rd Ammo Sec. 

Nov.'67-Nov.'68    1st tour
June'69-March'70   2nd tour

Want 2 thank C. Kelley for turning me onto this site.I served 2 tours in the Nam. 1st 3 mths of my 2nd tour was in Nha Trang w/7th Bn. 13th Arty, A Btry. I drove unit 21, while at Svc. Btry my 1st tour. I replaced Ronnie White after he went home.Hey Duffy, do you remember our convoy to Khe Sahn on Oper. Pagisis? Parked our trucks on runway & pulled Guard duty w/Marines. Duffy, you still wearing cowboy hat?

38)  Clyde Lewandowski
HHB 6/33 Arty
Feb 68 - Aug 68

Shipped over on the USS Upshure with the 6/33 Btn. Worked out of LZ Sharon until I went on sick call with a hernia in July or August 68.

I would like to ask that you link the website for the Vinh Son Orphanage in Kontum, Vietnam to your site.   I visited there this February and the kids can really use any help that we can roust up for them. 


It can be found at



Thanks in advance,

Clyde Lewandowski



39)  James Dowling (Sr.)
C Btry 2nd/94th Ammo/Detailman/RTO
9 Feb 68 to 6 Feb 69

"Welcome Home"! Great site, hope to hear from you guys. I will be updating my pages at the following:

Has anyone heard from "TOP" 1st Sgt Weatherby, LT Henderson, Capt. Robinson, Sgt. Curtis Dowling, etc? Take Care! Jim/kb2tlb

F/26th TAB
02 AP 69 - 20 OC 70

Nam Page at;

Hello ! Great Site ! I'm looking for anyone that can tell me about unit records... In 1970 the CO of F/26th TAB got a Ass-Chewing-Royal... ....He did NOT like the Arvn at all and made me late to an event with them. Later when he called me to Dong Ha from A-2 he was real polite! I asked the clerk about the change in attitude and he replied inpart, "...I don't know who called him ...but I can tell you this... It was about you...that thing he made you...well he was told he was never to ever do that again...It really shook him up...I could see it in him all that that was all he was thinking about..." The CO NEVER did interfer again... To Include when the Arvn Cmdr at A-2 Contacted him, and then put his Lt(Arvn) on (PRC-25 FM Voice) When the Lt queried the F/26th CO abt me going on his patrol ( Ambush NNW of A-2) , The CO just keyed and stuttered , "...ah...ah...ok" I'm looking for documents..and/or wittnesses to these events. Anyone knowing about them...what I was doing ...or knows how to find/locate such documents.... Note we(F/26thTAB was part of 8/4thFA ..but also under 108thArty Grp???? Who most likely would have contacted him chewed him out???)  Carl L Moore


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