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221)  Dennis Faitz
A btry 2nd Bat. 94th Arty
6-13-69 to 12-19-70


Comrades from this time period PLEASE reply

222)  Jeffrey Guse
April 70/71


Survived Dewey Canyon 2 What a long strange trip it's been.

223) Lindsey L Kerns
service battery 2nd battalion 94th artillery


I served as ammo truck driver and driver for Lt McKnight. Would like to hear from all that was in service battery. Would like to hear from the guy that was sitting in back of jeep the day that the marine halted us.

224)  Bill Cowan                                                         Bill's Pics
a btry gun 2,4
7-16-69 to 9-13-70


lookin for any bros. who were on gun #2 assassin and gun #4 annie fanny at the following f.b.s sally,shit,sharon,barbara,c-1

hello bros. of 2/94 Arty. I have learned alot about when the unit came to the Nam but haven't seen to much from the guys who were in the unit when it left Nam in April of 72. I have just a couple of questions: did 2/94 leave as a unit? did they take all the guns with them and where did they go? are any of the guns anywhere today? I am just curious about what happened in the end. I was with "A" btry. from july 69 to sept.13,70. any info would be great. thanx, welcome home and peace. Wild Bill Cowan, you can send your info to me

225)  Billy W. Gilbert
C Btry. Btry. Clerk/Forward Observer
Sept. 1966-Sept 1967


Glad to find out about reunion and am interested in finding other original members.

226)  Roger Smallwood
sept. 1966-march 1967


I was in the 2nd 94th artillery c battery camp carroll sept, 1966-
mar.1967. I was on the 175 gun.     Roger

227)  Lynn Edward Brockhaus
C Btry  2/94
mar 67 - jan 68

Dong Ha, Gio Linh, Graveyard, JJ Carroll and Rockpile (3/67-1/68).
Nickname: Brock

228)  Angelo Giordano (Dittywop)


Glad to have found this site. Looking for all vets from this time in Nam-4/69-5/70 in C btry 1/83rd

229)   Donald M Cohen (SFC)
Hq Btry, Metro Section (Section Chief)
June 1966 (Ft Sill) - April 1967


In April 67, I received a Warrant Officer Commission and was transferred to the 8/25 TAB in RVN

230)  Richard Porter
Hq Btry Metro Officer
Jul 68 - Jul 69


Like to hear from any of the gang. Leslie Gore, where are you?

231)  Robin M. Gates
service btry 2/94th arty
feb 70 to feb71

232)  Philis E Neaves
A BTRY 2nd94th ARTY
APRIL 66 to DEC 66


Was in the first group of men that started the unit at FT SILL IN 66 I CARRIED THE BATTALION COLORS FROM  FT SILL TO NAM I WAS ONLY AN E6 BUT WAS ASSIGN AS 1st SGT untill sgt bryant arrived

233)  Fred Ohlmann Jr.
a brty 2nd 319th 101st airborne
7-69   -  5-70


Would like to hear from some of the guys I was with on firebase granite, rendezous, currahee, rakassan and some others. When I was in the artilary on Firebase Granite when they got hit. I got a arcom with a "V" and a bronze star. Later on they sent me to HQR battery. I know of Schaufner, Smith, Garcia (my gun sargent). They called me "Big Cherry" when I first got into country. I'd like to find a roster of the guys in that battery I was in.

234)  Stephen J. Wells


April 67 - July 67

235) BOB SIMONETTE                                                  Bob's Pics


2/67 - 2/68

236) Jan R. Morse

Title HQ Btry, 2/94

Organization Oct. 67 - Apr. 68

237)  Edward E. Hepler                                                   Ed's Pics
Hq/Hq Btry 2nd Bn 94th Arty
May 1966 to Nov 1967


Was pulled out of Germany in April 1966 and arrived at Ft. Sill in May 1966 to form a Unit destined for VietNam, Unit was not formed by the time I arrived in Ft. Sill so had to live in a motel in Lawton with the family. I repored into the Smaj at fort sill every morning until the unit was formed. Made that trip on the USS Leroy Elting and had a layover in Naha Okinawa. Arrived in Danang and made the road trip north to Camp J.J. Carroll, and stayed there as the Bn Radio Chief. Went to the "A" Btry to set up a Radio Station there in Chuliay. Stayed there for about three months and then went back to J.J.Carroll for the rest of my tour. Left in-country in November, Retired E-7 in April 1975, as the commo chief in Arty Board at Fort Sill.

238)  Bob Myles
Alpha Battery 1st. Bn. 11th Marines 1st Marine Division
Nov. 70-Aug 71


Would like to link up with any one that served in Alpha 1/11. Any dates are fine. We are planning a Reunion in June/July 2004.  We had one in Memphis in May of this year.  16 former cannon cockers made it. Hope to have twice as many next time.  Semper Fi.  Bob

239)  Larry Argo
2nd/94th Headquarters
66- 67

240)  Stephen Mihajlovits
Service Battery
Feb-Jul 70


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