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281)  T. J. Szura
3rd 8" How. btry.
2/66 to 9/67 and 2/69 to 9/70


Made the landing in Chu Li and left by the freedom bird out of Da Nang. I would like to get in touch with cannon cockers that remember.

282)  Richard Donahue
108th Artillery Group (Supply Sgt)


I came with the 108th Artillery Group from Fort Filey Kansas, bye ship, we had a lot of great times, and a lot of bad times, but we were family in all ways.

283) Dave Parker
MCB22 Charlie Co.
1968 1969 1970

You don't know were you are going if you don't know where you've have been.   

Spent some time on detachment for MCB 22 IN 1968 EARLY 1969 firing
am 81mm.  Did'nt have a set of sights for a 81, so we used sights of a 60. Didn't hit shit.First hang fire I had to call in the Army mortar crew to help us.


284)  Daniel A Majors

B Battery

I was in country from Dec 1969- Dec 1970, when I left the unit, B Battery 2nd 94th Artillery was in Danang, Prior to that we were on JJ Carroll on Dong Ha Mountain. I was a 13B30, Turret Artillery Mechanic for much of my tour, The last part of the tour I drove The Captain's ,Jeep, Captain Hudson, I believe.  Anyway that's the short of it.

Thanks for your time,
Danny Majors

285)  Gary Shepard
C bty 2/94
oct 70 to oct 71

my nam tour started in oct 70 to oct 71 at hill 65 outside danang.then went on lamson 119 circus ride thur khe sangh to vandergriff,then farther west,i was in c btry,gun 4

286) Bernard J. Downey (Barney \ Airborne)
A Btry., 1\83rd F.A. (FSB Bastogne)
8-70 To 8-71


Would like to hear from Johnny Araiza, Rubin Rodriquez, "Cootie" from South Carolina, Johnny Cleveland....these are just a few of the names I can remember and all other "On The Way" brothers that served during this period. God Bless all you guys!

287)  John Edward Cartier
237th maintenance company
vietnam oct 68 jul 69

NEED DOCUMENTATION RE INCOMING AT THE DONG HA COMBAT BASE 10/68 THRU 7/69. the 237th was in a direct support role for the 108 arty grp

289)  Dan LA Combe
Headquarters Batt 1st 39th arty
July 70 july 71


I was with the 1st 39th arty Headquarters battery as a field wireman. spent 50 some days at Khe Sahn during operation dewy canyon 2 or Lom son719. Iam life member of chapter 237 VVA and also a member of  Khe Sahn veterans . I was in Nam From july70 to july71.

290)  Terry Buss
Charlie Battery 1st Battalion, 12th Marines


I served with c/1/12 from apr 66 to 67.  I was on gun two while at  camp caroll and gio lihn, I can remmber that all us marines had for light were candles at caroll and everytime the army 175 fired they would put our candles out.

mostly interested in the gio lihn and camp caroll sites


291)  Sgt.Jim Schmidt
3rd 175mm Gun Btry(SP),1st Mar Div, Comm

I was with the guns at Lz Ross,and An Hoa. Was radio section chief.  Great bunch of guys but haven't found many.  I landed in the Nam the day Neil Armstrong Landed on the moon.

292) Sgt Robert E. Dunbar
Kilo Btry 4Th Bnth 12Th Marines
Sept 67-Oct-68


Looking for some old buddies from Camp JJ. Caroll from gun 4#Mybe they will remember me I had my father come up from Tuy-Ho he was in the AirForce.Served on 155 self propell.Looking to hear from Paul or Scotte.Thans for the great web site and Welcome Home.


294)  Donald A Smith
1/39 artillery Heavy Artillery
aug.1970 -aug.1971

Lets talk,I was on Mt.Barbara,Camp Carroll,Alpa 4.I was Sargent SMITH.Some called me Missouri Ridge Runner.Would like to here from everyone.

295)   Joe Alexander
Btry C 3/16th
May-Nov 1969


Wondering why our unit was not listed? Would like to hear from any of the guys I served with on Ross, Baldy,Fat City, Hou Duc, etc. Welcome home men!

296)  Willard Alleckson
A Btry 6/33
July 69-October 70

Started at Los banos w/ Marty, Reidy, Corbin, Mackey, Jack A., Baby Greyhound, went to Cua viet, Birmingham, A-4 and then to Quang Tri for las 7 months of Tour. Hey Marty how u doin?

297)  bruce paxton
HHB 108th avn det.


Crew chief/door gunner out of 108th avn. Dong Ha and Phu Bi. Flew air support for all FSB's north of Da Nang to Laos (Lam Sam 719) and Khe San.

298)  Bruce Jackson
HHB 108th Arty Grp. (Unit Armorer)


My thanks to Jack Jamieson for helping me find some of the guys in our old unit. Looking forward to hearing from one and all.

299)   Karl Leonard
B battery 2/11th
Dec.67-Dec 68


Looking for any gun bunnies I served with.Was at Fb dragon, birmingham, veghel, sandy and some I can't remember.

300)   Bradley K Barnes
250 Radar Det. XXIV Corps
6/70 to 6/71


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